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Why I do this

My Journey...

For me, this has always been about learning new skills. It all started by learning how to build furniture without the use of power tools, using traditional tools and techniques. I gradually found my way into leatherwork and started developing the skills to produce a variety of leather goods from handbags to wallets. I honed my skills through practice, not formal education. I learned by doing, trying, and more often than not figuring out 100 ways how NOT to do that thing. Some call this an autodidact, a self-learner.

Before 2016, I had spent nearly a decade in the automotive insurance industry, writing Terms & Conditions for extended car warranties. It was during my time in the auto industry that I recognized I needed my life to revolve around creating something tangible. The opportunity presented itself to help open The Unplugged Woodshop, Canada's first-hand tool only woodworking school. We focused on teaching people to build fine-furniture without the use of power tools, learn to slow down in this fast-paced society and enjoy the process. It was an opportunity of a lifetime and something I knew I could not miss. Seeing student after student leave with a level of accomplishment was incredible. It made me realize that in just three short years, I had come to a point where I could teach people this fantastic craft. But something was missing, the very thing that I was teaching people to do I wasn't doing much of, creating.

I am now an independent designer and artisan, producing a range of leather wallets and handbags. I consider my designs modern & timeless with attention toward solid construction. I hope my products bring as much joy to the people that purchase them as they did for me creating them.

The commitment

My-Lifetime Guarantee

My products are heritage quality and intended to last generations.

My products are guaranteed for life if damage occurs due to craftsmanship when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended. It does not cover damage due to unreasonable use or neglect or normal wear and tear.

Please contact me ( immediately after defect occurs to your product and include photo proof of the defect. Do not continue to use the product once the defect has occurred. Based on the severity of the defect the product will either repaired or replaced.

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I make leather goods,

obviously, but why?

There was a time that people connected with the objects in their life. Heirloom pieces passed down through generations were the norm, and artisans were known for the things they created. Objects were intended to last a lifetime, and if they didn't, you would have it repaired. This perspective has been lost in modern society, and it's time for a resurgence on quality.

I hope since you are here, you appreciate the quality of handmade goods and understand the difference that comes from supporting independent designers and artisans.