Waxed Canvas Tool Rolls

These tools rolls are a perfect balance of form and function. The double capped rivets with leather washers and double folded seems will complement the higher-end tool collections.

The Canvas

13.5oz waxed canvas made in the U.S.A from high-quality cotton canvas.

7 Pocket - Olive Copper ABrass-4.jpg
7 Pocket - Olive Copper ABrass-5.jpg

Double Capped Rivets

A double-capped rivet reinforces each major stress point. These rivets differ from the traditional copper rivet in that both sides have a cap.

The double capped rivets provide a clean finish on the interior and exterior. The leather strap is connected with two of these rivets and reinforced with a leather washer.

The Leather

5-6oz Rawlings Tennessee Tanning Co. Bison Bown Latigo Leather. 

7 Pocket - Olive Copper ABrass-3.jpg